Krystal Nzeadibe studying Amsterdam

Krystal Nzeadibe, who studied in Amsterdam for a college year abroad.


Amsterdam has all the qualities of a great European destination: distinctive architecture, iconic museums, magnificent parks, grand train stations, popular markets, gourmet restaurants, navigable canals, and robust bicycle culture.

Amsterdam’s rich history encompasses innovative stock trading, auction trading, and unfortunately, human trading.

Tolerance, Tulips and More
Today, the city is renowned for windmills, navigable canal rings, leisure boats, and tolerance for many cultures.

My Story
“God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland” is an expression often used when referring to the Netherlands city.

The black-owned hostel offers sleek, stylish, and safety-first level lodgings for ladies.

Travel Tips
This is a popular European destination, so expect crowds during the peak summer tourist season.


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