Marquez Zak at the Rome Colosseum

Marquez Zak at the Rome Colosseum; credit Marquez Zak/SoulOfAmerica


Rome manifests centuries of dramatic architecture, monuments, museums, and boulevards, then adds Italian fashions to set a high bar for sophisticated urban tourism. Many sisters like the positive attention they get from Italian men too.

Soul of Rome
I learned about many ancestors who paved the way for thousands of generations of Africans who followed me here.

The Eternal City has a vast culture from centuries of global dominance, fused with modern Italian ambiance.

Hannibal’s Near Conquest of Rome
The great North African general, crossed the Alps with elephants and nearly conquered this ancient empire.

With thousands of years of history in the Eternal City, you can imagine what they mean for museum fans.

Travel Tips
To our Catholic fans, the Vatican City Post Office offers special stamps and some of the best delivery times to the United States.


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