This massive waterfall illustrates the power and majesty of nature in Dominica

This massive waterfall is but one illustration of the power and majesty of nature in Dominica; credit Discover Dominica


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Discover why many visitors call Dominica the “Nature Island.” It’s an eco-travel nirvana for a relaxing connection with a variety of landscapes, mountains, and river sights that make it one of the best Caribbean islands to unwind. Mas Dominik Festival with the locals is on point too!

Lacking much imagination, Spanish explorers gave the island its current name because they landed on Sunday.

Boiling Lake, Fort Shirley, Emerald Pool, Calibishe, Indian River, and more sites will amaze or charm you.

Visit Batboy Beach, Hampstead Beach, Picard Bech, Sand Bay Marigot, Turtle Beach, and Champagne Reef.

Enjoy waterfalls, navigable rivers, challenging national park trails, and one smoky & captivating volcano.

Travel Tips
Currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar with U.S. dollars & U.S. credit cards accepted by most vendors.


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